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Our communicator gives you access to our quarterly newsletters as well as our bi-weekly FYI content that you can email to your clients, updating them on financial planning developments and opportunities that are likely to be of interest and relevance to them.

Techlink Communicator


FYI is highly focussed fortnightly content that you can email to your clients updating them on financial planning developments and opportunities that are likely to be of interest and relevance to them. FYI Professional offers content more appropriate to your professional clients, but with the same aim of updating them on key developments and opportunities.

Every 2 weeks Technical Connection produces FYI and FYI Professional which is available for download below. These can be accessed in either a Word or PDF format to enable you to brand then with your own company details and to then send on to the clients you feel that edition is suited to. To download the latest FYI documents, please click on the buttons below for the format you require - PDF or Word.


Each quarter we produce a client and professional newsletter. These newsletters feature articles written by our consultants on relevant developments on tax, tax planning, trusts, pensions and financial planning with retail investment and protection products . These articles include a commentary on how these developments will affect your clients your professional connections.

These newsletters are designed to be sent to clients and professionals. As such they can be edited to include your company details if required. A disclaimer will be incorporated and should be reproduced in any communication from you using the newsletter material.

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"My first task of the day is to read the news updates on Techlink... and I remain firmly convinced that no professional in the financial planning profession and the industry that support us, can operate without having daily access to Techlink."
David Owen, The Openwork Partnership
"Techlink and Technical Connection have seamlessly integrated into my business, delivering invaluable insights, unparalleled expertise, and consistently relevant and informative resources. Their highly qualified team's unwavering support and knowledge sharing have become indispensable for our success."
Carla Brown, Oakmere Wealth Management Ltd
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